Life Point Baptist Church supports the spread of the Gospel throughout the world by supporting missionaries who reach the lost for Christ, and who organize disciples into local churches. We also support ministries who help missionaries accomplish these goals. Currently, we support the following on a monthly basis:

Local Mission Development

1914_10153810282883866_2862063628992251599_nLocal Mission Development is a ministry of Quaker Avenue Baptist Church of Lubbock, TX, which serves the churches of the Southwest Association of Missionary Baptist Churches by raising funds for building projects of missions, church plants, and churches in need. Funds are raised on an annual basis, and are awarded by a vote of the churches of the Southwest Association during the annual messenger meeting in September.

Texas Mission Development

1969201_10153810284348866_8548984224034072480_nTexas Mission Development is a ministry of Rocky Springs Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville, TX, which serves the churches of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas by raising funds for building projects for Texas missions and churches. The funds are raised and disbursed on a quarterly basis by a vote of the member churches. This ministry has raised more than $1 million for worship facilities over its 40-year history.

Ben Woodward – Belize

Ben WoodwardBen Woodward, and his wife, Terese, are missionaries to Belize, a small Central American country east of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. Bro. Woodward surrendered to the ministry in 2000, and surrendered to God’s call to become a missionary to Belize in 2010. He and Terese currently work to lead the people of Belize to the Lord, to organize churches with those who receive Christ and follow in Baptism, to help those new churches build worship facilities, and to minister to the needs of the people.


Jason Clark – France

Jason ClarkBro. Jason Clark surrendered to go to France as a missionary after taking a mission trip to Paris while attending seminary at Texas Baptist Institute-Seminary in Henderson, TX. Bro. Clark finished school, and took two years of language school, and then became a missionary to Limoux, a small city in southern France. In his time there, he has been able to lead souls to the Lord, and organize a small house-church in a country that is largely calloused to Christianity.

Missionary Baptist Association of Texas


Photo by: LoneStarMike

Life Point believes that the Great Commission begins at home, therefore we support the mission efforts of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas, which provides salary support for missionaries living and working within the state of Texas.

Current Texas mission projects include church plants in San Antonio, Mansfield, Kerrville, Tyler, and Austin. Grace Pointe herself is a state missions project.

If you have any questions about Life Point’s missions program, feel free to contact Pastor Leland Acker at (325) 200-8531.